How to write landing pages that build your email list.

After you choose your visuals it's all about the copy you add. Compelling, clear, and concise language will guide your ideal customers to connect with you and your service or product.

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This DIY guide will boost your conversions.

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    Rachel Stewart

    Business Strategist

    Copper Hive Consulting

    Who am I?

    Hello! I'm your left-brained creative, building frameworks that allow you to scale and grow your business simply and efficiently. Serving both product and service-based companies, I develop a strategy to get you to your goals, creating personal and brand confidence throughout the process.

    What will you learn?

    • Content writing is a big part of my early career, helping brands communicate their message and values.
    • Customers need guidance. Great content writing encourages them to take the next step.
    • Simple is always better. Use these ten steps to work smarter, not harder and attract your ideal clients.